Telling the right story. Canned pasta or a culinary work of art?

Canned pasta or a culinary work of art?

If you are promoting the latter, you sure as heck don’t want it to sound like the former.

One of the responsibilities of North Hill is marketing… telling our story in the right way to the right audience so that we can honor the sacred obligation we have to resell apartments as they become available, and refund entrance fees according to our residency agreements.

To make a food analogy… we think our community is like a great plate of pasta served in the North End of Boston… cooked al dente, served with fresh herbs, cheeses, spices… all married together with light oils… a little crunchy… a little soft… a little sweet… a little salty…  Complemented with a delicious glass of wine, some crusty bread, and cold sparkling water.  A work of art.  Yum.

As marketers, our fear is that we say something that makes this delicious dish we’re serving here seem like a can of pasta warmed up in a microwave oven.  The only sin a marketer can commit that is worse than that would be to try to pass off canned pasta like the meal we just described.

We have lots of opportunities to tell our story… our brochure, our website, TV, radio, and newspaper advertising… this blog.  Another way we can tell our story is through our event program.  All communities have marketing events…  A little bit of chicken… a little bit of chat… a little bit of slideshows, model apartments, and a day in the life.

We’re trying a new take on our events with our new Lifestyle Luncheons (featured in our new newsletter).  We practiced one of these last week with some trusted friends… Model apartment… design center… resident home tours… tasty lunch in the Bistro, and a spirited conversation about the lifestyle facilitated by a real professional, Roberta Taylor.

Time will tell if this is the best way to tell our story, but we think we might be on to something.  Here’s why…

It turns out that our story isn’t nearly as important as yours.

If you’re thinking about the North Hill lifestyle, one way to learn a little bit more about it would be to attend one of these.  Give us a call to find out more.  (877) 736-4371

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