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True North Courses & Events: September 2014

Darius Eslami
by DARIUS ESLAMI, Digital Media & Brand Manager
on September 19, 2014
categories: Art and culture, Courses & Events, North Hill Community

Our True North Courses & Events Fall 2014 Catalog is here! Be sure to visit our Courses & Events page to sign up for anything you’d like.

  • Boston Classical Orchestra | September 22 | 7:30pm-8:30pm | Free
    Boston Classical Orchestra music director Steven Lipsitt and members of the orchestra perform works by Bach, Beethoven and Mozart in a North Hill performance previewing the opening concert of BCO’s 35th anniversary subscription season in historic Faneuil Hall.
  • Esther Pullman Artist Talk | September 23 | 2pm-3pm | Free
    Join artist Esther Pullman as she discusses her photography, inspiration and process.
  • Common Ground: The Romance of Landscape | September 29 | 10am-11:30am | $10 Fee
    Yosemite, in California, and Abiquiu, New Mexico, are sites of breathtaking beauty, and the images created there by the great American modernists Ansel Adams and Georgia O’Keeffe have long been admired for their evocative power. These two artists, as well as their associates John Marin, Arthur Dove, Edward Weston and above all Alfred Stieglitz, responded with equal eloquence to quieter, less spectacular places. Join Carol Troyen for a look at the romantic landscapes of O’Keeffe, Adams and their friends.
  • Opening Reception: Greenhouse Home | September 29 | 4pm-6pm | Free
    Since 1999, Esther Pullman has been photographing greenhouses in a panoramic format of multiple panels. Initially drawn to plants in their architectural setting, she soon came to recognize that light was her subject. The greenhouse’s unassuming, utilitarian structures provide endlessly interesting detail. The greenhouses depicted in Greenhouse Home are all located in Boston’s MetroWest.

Upcoming Courses & Events: May 2014

Darius Eslami
by DARIUS ESLAMI, Digital Media & Brand Manager
on April 28, 2014
categories: Art and culture, Courses & Events

If you have yet to receive our latest course catalog, you can see a full listing by clicking here or download a PDF.

  • Dog Days: Downsizing with Pets | May 5 | 10AM-12PM
    Residents with four legs and fur are now a part of Life at North Hill. In this presentation by Monica Collins, the noted journalist who writes the syndicated column “Ask Dog Lady” and hosts the TV show of the same name, we will look at a critter compendium of what you need to know for enjoying a healthy lifestyle with your pet. With humor and practicality, Collins explores the etiquette, the rules and the joys of pup culture among neighbors in a close community. Bring your questions and comments.
  • Innovation Celebration | May 7 | 6PM-7:30PM
    Join us for our Innovation Celebration on May 7th at the EpiCenter in Boston, click hereDoug Rauch (former president of Trader Joe’s Company, founder/president of Daily Table) will deliver the first Olin Innovation Fund Lecture. Olin President Richard Miller and North Hill President Kevin Burke will together present the first annual North Hill-Olin College Fund for Innovation in Healthy Aging grant.
  • Anne Frank: A History for Today | May 19 | 4PM-6PM
    Thanks to a generous grant from our community partner, Foundation for MetroWest, North Hill will host the multi-media exhibit Anne Frank: A History for Today. The exhibit challenges visitors to engage with current events and to take an active role in their communities. The final exhibition panel tells the stories of ordinary people, from all walks of life, who have experienced racism, intolerance and discrimination on a daily basis. The stories which the exhibition tells – of many people who regularly experience racism and intolerance and discrimination – encourages visitors to question how differences between individuals are addressed and inspires us to work toward a more just, inclusive society. Please join us for this opening reception.
  • Discussing & Confronting Intolerance | May 20 | 10AM-12PM
    Moderated by educators from the Anne Frank Center USA, North Hill convenes a seminar which brings together artists, students, educators, religious leaders and activists from Greater Boston to discuss Anne Frank’s legacy in the context of the ongoing battle against intolerance and the quest for social justice and the importance of education as a tool to combat intolerance in all its forms.
  • A Concert Against Intolerance | May 22 | 7:30PM-9PM
    Members of the Boston Classical Orchestra perform pieces from its repertoire which are informed by history and the crises brought on by intolerance and injustice. Pieces performed will include works by Gideon Klein, Hans Krasa, Samuel Barber, J.S. Bach and Viktor Ullmann – composers who were imprisoned in the Terezin concentration camp – but whose music survived in much the same way as Anne Frank’s lessons.

Anne Frank History

Rekindling Talents

Carolyn Frost
by CAROLYN FROST, Music Therapist
on February 22, 2013
categories: Art and culture, Healthy Aging

Walk through the Health Center and you may hear the drumming, the singing or the tone chimes ringing. It’s music therapy in action! Music therapy uses music in a therapeutic relationship to facilitate socialization, movement, reminiscence and creativity. Past skills may be rekindled and anxieties diminished using live music, usually music of preference.

Music Therapy is an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals. Music Therapists are credentialed professionals who have completed an approved music therapy program. They work in schools, hospitals, addiction treatment centers and in private practice. For more information visit the American Music Therapy Association.

String Instrument  Playing the drums
Playing the Piano

New Spaces, New Courses

Darius Eslami
by DARIUS ESLAMI, Digital Media & Brand Manager
on January 29, 2013
categories: Art and culture, Life Enrichment

Fitness Center

So many of our new amenities have come online and construction in all our spaces is nearly completed. Be sure to take a tour and see all of our new amenities including our new dining venueCentral Ave Bakery & Café, as well as WellSpring Landing, home to our Fitness Center and Creative Arts Center.

Our Winter/Spring 2013 catalog marks the first anniversary of True North Courses & Events as well as engagement created through Project True North with our residents, their families, neighbors, friends and members of the communities we serve. Take a look at our next two courses in our Music Series and Presidential Series.

  • Diegesis in American Musical Theater: 2/5/13
    The Boston Conservatory’s Chris Caggiano shares a unique musical theater perspective: diegetic music, referring to songs in which characters are performing songs, versus singing in character.
  • Lincoln in Words & Music: 2/12/13
    On Lincoln’s birthday, examine the final month of his term, paying particular attention to his rhetoric. Also, we’ll listen to Aaron Copland’s musical commission, the Lincoln Portrait, looking at its history and intriguing place in the Copland canon.

To see a full listing of our upcoming courses, please visit www.TrueNorthEvolution.org/Courses.

New Art Gallery is now open!

on March 31, 2011
categories: Art and culture, Events and Milestones, Project True North

North Hill is delighted to announce the unveiling of its new art gallery.  Located just off the main lobby, adjacent to the library and newly renovated bistro space, the gallerey offers a permanent collection of paintings and sculpture, as well as rotating exhibit space.  The premier guest artist is local Photographer Andy Caufield whose brilliant work has garnered gasps of delight and praise from those who have paused to view it.  If you’d like to see Andy’s work yourself, please call 877-736-4371.

Epicurean afternoons

on March 24, 2011
categories: Art and culture, Food and Dining, Picks and Pans, PurposeFULL Living

Delicious Italian wines, cheeses, and other savory pairings served in the company of good friends in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the Skyway Cafe.

Sound good?

That’s what a few of the folks who live here at North Hill were treated to this afternoon.  Choreographed and served by resident Italian cuisine expert, Eric Moore, the event pictured above and described here was the first of a series that are designed to delight the people who live here in this fun new space.

Live North Hill.  Live Well.

Life is serious, but art is fun

on February 17, 2011
categories: Art and culture, Project True North

The blog bumped into North Hill resident Irene Wright and Vice President of Business Development Rebecca Donato in our newly-unveiled art gallery this week.

These two women are part of a team that is selecting art for this great new space.  Part of the collection will be permanent, or as permanant  as anything could ever be.  They are also reserving wall and floor space to display works of local artists on a rotating basis.

Art inspires.  Art energizes.  Art comforts.  Art cajoles.

Art abounds at North Hill.

Got art? 

Live well.

Hey, Chevy! Boooooo!!!!!

on February 6, 2011
categories: Ageism, Art and culture

Just watching the Super Bowl, and Chevy ran a commercial depicting older people as confused, cranky, and deaf while trying to pitch the latest iteration of the confused and cranky Chevy Cavalier… the Cruze. General Motors must be eyeing the younger and less affluent market with this approach.

We dislike ageism, and offer the following two word review of this commercial:  Not funny.

Where is that music coming from?

on February 4, 2011
categories: Art and culture, North Hill Community, PurposeFULL Living

Did you ever live in the kind of place where you’d walk by a door and hear piano music?

North Hill is that kind of place.

In addition to the people who live here who appreciate music, we also have a fair number who play music, too.  And, yes,  people do bring their pianos with them when they move here.

Steel and concrete construction ensures that music lovers won’t disturb their neighbors, but the sounds do find their way into the hallways, and we sure are glad that they do!

What’s your theme song?

on February 1, 2011
categories: Art and culture, PurposeFULL Living

There was a cult-classic TV show in the 90’s called Allie McBeal.  An ongoing gag throughout the series was the idea of a personal theme song.  It was a funny, quirky concept in a funny and quirky show.

If North Hill had a theme song, it might be some upbeat classical music like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons or Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.  It could also be something like Aerosmith’s “Back in the Saddle,” since that’s where we strive to keep the people who live here situated.  Despite any stereotypes you may have heard, our theme song wouldn’t be anything you would hear in an elevator or a dentist’s waiting room.

So, what’s your theme song now, and more importantly, what do you want it to be?

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