PurposeFULL Living Profile: Susan Marsh

Susan Marsh Portrait Project

This month, we have another highlight from our Portrait Project – members of the North Hill community who embody the philosophy of PurposeFULL Living.

Growing up in Shanghai during the Japanese occupation, Dr. Susan Marsh learned that the most important thing in life is friendship; friendship and helping others. Susan studied at Saint John’s University in Shanghai and then moved to the United States in 1948 for her graduate studies. During her career, she taught Political Science at Brown University and Providence College, while also raising three children. Susan feels that the longer she stays at North Hill, the more she likes it. This appreciation is evident when you look at her beautiful paintings; a talent she first realized by participating in North Hill’s watercolor class. And, going back to what Susan values most, it is quite evident that whether it is in her Bible Study Group, or elsewhere, her friendships at North Hill are flourishing.

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